How to wear bike shorts plus size?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to bike shorts, you can. The way you wear them is just as important as what you do in them. So if you’ve been wondering how to wear bike shorts plus size and where to shop for them. […]

What are 3D padded cycling bib shorts?

3D padded cycling shorts are a new type of padded cycling shorts. They have been specifically designed to reduce the risk of saddle sores. They have 3D foam padding on the inner thigh area and lots of vent holes to ensure you stay cool even when cycling hard. The idea behind this type of padded […]

Do I Need A Cycling Jersey?

Boost your comfort, aerodynamic profile and style credentials with our pick of the best cycling jerseysThe best cycling jerseys are the ones that enable you to ride faster in comfort, with bonus points if they make you look good while doing so. Along with a good pair of bib shorts and a seasonally appropriate base […]

Gravel baggy cycling shorts

 If you want the comfort and performance of cycling shorts but without the look, then you need baggy cycling shorts. Baggy cycling shorts are comfortable on the bike thanks to their cut and shape, but look like regular shorts off the bike. We’ve ridden thousands of miles on the road, round-town and on dirt to […]

Gravel Shorts Women 2023

With gravel now a booming discipline that sits nicely between road cycling and mountain biking, it’s only natural that you need some suitable kit to go with it. Unsurprisingly, gravel kit is derived from both other disciplines, and falls within a spectrum from sleek and efficient roadie, to baggy and durable mountain biker. Gravel kit […]


WHAT MATTERS MOSTThere’s a lot of variety in available bike shorts, so it’s important to know what to look for. Before jumping into the reviews, I’ll lay out what I think matters most in evaluating and choosing between them. THE BASICSFirst, if you ride several times a week for an hour or more, I’d recommend […]

Cycling Clothing and Apparel 

Cycling clothing may not win any points for its sex appeal, but it offers multiple benefits for whenever you strap your shoes into your pedals and set off on the open road. The most obvious benefit of cycling clothing is the fact it’s skin tight, so can help you cut through the air like a […]

Cycling fashion jersey

While a helmet is essential for your safety and a good pair of bib shorts are vital for your comfort, a cycling jersey is one area of bicycle attire that allows you to bring your discerning sense of style to the saddle. Of course, there’s plenty more to a good cycling jersey than the retro Italianate charm its torso-hugging […]

More than just a comfy chamois when the weather heats up

When the sun shines and the going gets hot, the best cycling shorts really show their worth. Warmer weather often means more time on the bike, and that increased saddle time can often highlight the flaws in your existing shorts. The chamois is perhaps the first thing we have in mind when we’re picking out […]

Key Features of Smart Cycling Pants

Key Features of Smart Cycling PantsWhen you’re on the lookout for cycling commuter trousers, there’s a few things to keep in mind, primarily: fit, function and style. One thing the best cycling trousers all have in common – whether they be waterproof, jeans or chinos – is that they should always be a little more […]