Why do you need cycling tights?

Cycling tights are a good choice for warmth in early fall or spring mornings, but they’re essential in the dead of winter. When the weather reaches 50℉ or below, it’s time to pull out the cycling tights. Cycling tights are winter kit essentials because they’re the best option for protection from water, wind, and sweat–all […]

What are cycling tights?

Cycling tights are not all that different from bike shorts except that they provide coverage for the full length of your leg. They usually include a chamois and come as waist tights or bib tights. However, cycling shorts and tights are designed for two different environments. Shorts are designed to keep you cool in warm […]

2023: Keep warm and dry as winter sets in

As we move into winter proper, especially for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our best winter bib tights are starting to get used regularly as the temperatures dwindle and lightweight summer kit is retired for the next few months.  In spring and autumn, the best cycling shorts and leg warmers ensure full leg coverage and […]

short sleeved cycling tops for 2023 summer

A women’s cycling jersey, with short sleeves, that keeps you cool and comfortable is a necessity for enjoying—and performing on—warm weather rides. Even when narrowing your search down to cycling jerseys with female specific cuts, there’s an overwhelming choice of brands, styles, fits and cuts.  But this also means you’ll stand a very good chance […]

Premium cycling Jackets

Fit – Fit is a bit subjective by nature;  however, for those riding in temperatures that require layering, it’s worth thinking about.  A tighter fit is recommended for layers meant to be closer to your skin, like a long sleeve jersey or baselayer.  For jackets that should go over a mid-layer, it can sometimes be […]

Premium Long Sleeve Jerseys

Depending on where you live and what kind of winter you deal with, your long-sleeve kit might vary from an insulated deep winter jacket to a lightweight long-sleeve jersey.  Fortunately, as fabric technology has advanced in the outdoor industry as a whole, cycling manufacturers have continued to innovate, resulting in winter jackets with exceptional warmth […]

 Comfortable kit that performs and looks great

The best women’s cycling jerseys have come a long way from the ‘shrink it and pink it’ approach of decades past, with companies and designers finally giving some time and care into the development of women’s-specific kit. With a variety of options available to tackle all the seasons, we’ve taken a closer look at the […]

What are winter bib tights?

Winter cycling bib tights mimic the design of summer bib shorts, just with long legs. Rather than stopping mid-thigh like shorts, they keep going. Most cover your legs to the ankles, but some are three-quarter length (also called ‘bib knickers’), which are good for milder days. Winter bib tights need to be close-fitting just like […]

What are winter bib tights?-MN202349965

Once the colder winter months arrive, dedicated winter bib tights become essential.  Vital for keeping your lower half warm, the best bib tights will also ensure that your lower back and midriff are also protected against the cold. The best cycling shorts and best leg warmers and knee warmers will get many riders through September, […]


Versatility – Even on the best of days, a ride can start or end cooler than you expect. Coupled with arm warmers, you’re essentially wearing a jacket. But if it starts to warm up (or as you do), it can be easily shed. You can keep the warmers on for a bit, too, so rather than […]