What Material Is Best For Cycling Jerseys?

What Material Is Best For Cycling Jerseys?

The best type of material for you depends on what kind of rider you are and the weather conditions.


Polyester is a man-made recyclable synthetic material and is today’s most popular choice of material for cycling jerseys.


Great at wicking away sweat from the body and keeps your skin dry.

Helps keep you cool on hot days and is even UV resistant.

Extremely durable and can be washed and the color will not fade or wash out.

Mold and mildew cannot survive on it.

Can be bought at lower prices than other materials.

Great for warm or hot weather.


Plastic feel or artificial feel (can be fixed by washing with fabric softener).


Nylon is another synthetic material that is known for its strength and stretchiness.


One of the strongest man-made fabrics.

Stretches, which can improve aerodynamics as it will fit snuggly.

Good at wicking away sweat.

Holds color well without fading.

Resistant to mildew and rot.

Wind and water resistant.

Good in all weather conditions.


Mold can form which can be very difficult to wash out.

Absorbs odors.

Nylon can shrink if not handled properly.

Not biodegradable and has an environmental impact.