How to Buy a Cycling Jersey

How to Buy a Cycling Jersey

Recreational / Comfort

There’s a reason why you see cyclists riding around with pockets on their backs: A proper cycling jersey can be both practical and comfortable. This cut is for those who want a cycling jersey without looking like they’re about to join the pro peloton. It might be tighter than a technical tee and has useful features like a zipper and back pockets. The sleeves on these might be similar to a technical tee, or a bit tighter, and they may have some kind of elastic band along the bottom edge near the hips to hold them in place.

Athletic / Fitted
These sportier jerseys are a happy medium between the relaxed fit and the professional-level jerseys that hug every curve. They’re form-fitting and tight, but not tight enough to describe them as “aero” (which is a super tight jersey that offers the least wind resistance). You’ll also see snugger and/or longer sleeves on some of these, sometimes with a stretchier band of material along the bottom edge to hold them in place. You’ll start seeing a wider variety of pocket designs with these, including ones with zippers to hold valuables.

Pro / Race

As the name implies, these jerseys are like the ones you’d see on a professional or elite competitive cyclist. They’re the stretchiest, most form-fitting jerseys on the market. The tightest of these are sometimes described as “aero.” They’re often characterized by a high-cut front (where the zipper ends) with a lower cut back, longer sleeves, and/or low to no collar. Pro/race jerseys use high-performance fabrics. These are typically the most expensive, due to the materials used and the quality of construction.