Gravel baggy cycling shorts

Gravel baggy cycling shorts

 If you want the comfort and performance of cycling shorts but without the look, then you need baggy cycling shorts. Baggy cycling shorts are comfortable on the bike thanks to their cut and shape, but look like regular shorts off the bike. We’ve ridden thousands of miles on the road, round-town and on dirt to findout which are the best baggy cycling shorts ​​​​​​​

For gravel and even road riding when things are a bit damp, waterproof shorts can be a game-changer, as mountain bikers have known for years. Gravel Waterproof Short is comfortable, well fitted and most importantly, waterproof.

They get water-resistant hand pockets, belt loops, and a zip-and-popper closure. They also feature NENK’s Clickfast system, which works with the matching range of padded liners to create an extra secure fit.

The legs are cut long, edging into three-quarter length territory, which adds weather protection and stops spray from creeping up your leg. They’re also pre-shaped for a better fit on the bike.

On the bike, it’s super noticeable how light they are, even when wet. Thanks to the DWR coating the fabric simply shrugs off water, stopping the shorts from ever getting soaked through. Honestly, they’re just as comfortable at their wettest as when they’re bone dry.