Premium Long Sleeve Jerseys

Premium Long Sleeve Jerseys

Depending on where you live and what kind of winter you deal with, your long-sleeve kit might vary from an insulated deep winter jacket to a lightweight long-sleeve jersey.  Fortunately, as fabric technology has advanced in the outdoor industry as a whole, cycling manufacturers have continued to innovate, resulting in winter jackets with exceptional warmth but the weight and feel of a long sleeve jersey.  Or long sleeve jerseys that can keep you cozy through a chilly morning without letting you overheat later in the day.

Key Features To Look For

Insulation – If you’re going to ride in temperatures below the mid-40s, or closer to freezing, you will want an insulated jacket. In the most basic terms, insulation is something used in a jacket to capture and hold onto warm air. Many of us are familiar with down insulation in outdoor “puffy jackets,” but while down is a great insulator, it has drawbacks that make it unsuitable for cycling jackets. Instead, many manufacturers have turned to synthetic insulation

Breathability – As a cyclist, there is nothing quite as miserable as doing a hard winter ride, working up a sweat, and then stopping long enough to cool down. I’ve never been as cold as when I headed back out with my clothing still damp with sweat. The key to preventing this is to make sure your garments have appropriate breathability to keep you from overheating on your ride. The warmer your ride temperature, the more critical breathability of your garment becomes.

On jackets, look for lighter weight or breathable fabric on the back, underarms, and side panels. A two-way zipper is useful for temperature control, allowing you to cool down on climbs and quickly zip the jacket for descents. With long sleeve jerseys, the weight of the fabric is important to the range of temperatures in which the jersey can be used.

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