What are winter bib tights?

What are winter bib tights?

Winter cycling bib tights mimic the design of summer bib shorts, just with long legs.

Rather than stopping mid-thigh like shorts, they keep going. Most cover your legs to the ankles, but some are three-quarter length (also called ‘bib knickers’), which are good for milder days.

Winter bib tights need to be close-fitting just like bib shorts, to keep your legs warm, avoid fouling your chainring, and prevent chafing as you pedal.

Whether you’re commuting every day, heading out for a training ride after work or joining the weekly club run, here’s a selection of the best gear to keep your legs protected from the cold, no matter your budget or anatomy.

Winter tights range from lightweight waist tights that add a bit of insulation to full-on warm and waterproof weather armour.  Therefore if you’re planning on riding in the rain look for fabrics with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating.  It’s also important to note that some winter tights are expensive, but for some, not being wet and miserable while riding in cold conditions is worth it.

Most winter bib tights are made of fabric with a fleeced inner surface that’s designed to add extra insulation. They’re most often branded as Roubaix or Superroubaix. Since winter roads are often damp, many add a durable water resistant (DWR) outer coating to help repel water.