What Are the Best Commuter Bike Shorts?

What Are the Best Commuter Bike Shorts?

So, what makes a pair of good cycling shorts for urban rides?

Well, for starters, flexible material is a must in order to ensure cycling stays comfortable and your bike shorts don’t rip. A gusseted crotch is also a bonus to ensuring your cycling shorts stand the test of time, while bonus points are also awarded for having moisture-wicking properties, strong, stretchy material, a raised-back and for being waterproof and good-looking. Oh, and pockets. Secure pockets.

No urban cycling style guide is complete without a mention of NENK.  If you’re on the lookout for technical lightweight shorts that look and feel great in warm conditions, then the NENK Randonnee Shorts are right up your street.

The slim-fit Randonnee shorts make no compromises in terms of style and are available in Grey, navy, dark navy and black.

The fabric is made up of 94% nylon and 6% spandex, which helps provide extra flexibility in the material , which is also crease resistant and quick drying.

The front of the shorts feature two pockets, while the rear has a handy button down and a zipped pocket.  Another useful feature for cycling is the fold away high-vis tab which can add a bit more security to your right after the sun goes down.

NENK are known for their attention to detail, and that’s why you won’t be surprised to find these city cycling shorts also feature a high-cut back to prevent unwanted backside exposure when riding, as well as discreet hi-vis detailing.