Cycling cargo bib shorts for 2023

Cycling cargo bib shorts for 2023

Cycling shorts have remained more or less unchanged in their form since they made the swap en masse from wool and leather to lycra and synthetic pads.  Recently though, the bib shorts space has been shaken up with the arrival of cargo bib shorts.  The best cargo bib shorts basically take a base of a standard set of bibs and then add, courtesy of stretchy mesh, a load of exterior pockets.

The additional storage was originally targeted at gravel riders, to either add auxiliary capacity for long rides or simply replace the storage of a jersey and allow the rider to wear an oh-so-fashionable baggy t-shirt.  More recently though they’ve found favour with a wider audience, and you’re as likely to see them on your local Sunday club ride as you are in the Atlas Mountain race.

Just like searching for the best cycling shorts, there’s no magic formula to finding the perfect cargo bibs for you, but the best of the bunch will combine a comfortable fit and straps, the right leg length, and pockets that are big enough and actually useable. 

The design uses the same chamois and fabrics from the Castelli road-focused bib shorts and really just adds pockets to proven designs.  

As well as looking fly, these are a premium pair of bibs with a lot of thought gone into the design details.