Layer up ready for autumn

Layer up ready for autumn

With their ability to dress up or down via layering, the best long sleeved cycling jerseys offer incredible versatility, making such a garment a very shrewd investment.

There is a huge variety of long sleeved cycling jerseys on the market and finding the ideal one for you will depend on your cycling needs.

The best long sleeved cycling jerseys are perfect for plugging holes between warm weather, where you’ll mostly want to opt for a breathable short sleeved cycling jersey (unless you opt for a UPF protection summer long sleeved jersey), and winter, where you’ll want one of the best winter cycling jackets to wrap up in.

The best cycling jerseys make up a core part of every cyclist’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a thin summer jersey for the hottest days or a heavier weight offering more protection in poor weather. We take a look at the best jerseys of the year.

Cycling kit has improved hugely over the last 15 or so years and the jersey is not exempt from this. Worn in one way or another whenever we head out for a ride, a good cycling jersey is a critical piece of cycling clothing. 

Jerseys used to be very basic nylon offerings you pulled on over your head and which often fitted poorly. But the best jerseys of today fit brilliantly and have a host of features to help keep us dry, fast and comfortable on the bike.