Cycling socks information

Cycling socks information

New socks might make you faster. As crazy as it sounds, glimpsing a six-inch canvas of dazzling graphics around our ankles gets us excited to ride, which, in turn, makes us ride more—and better. We’re not just making this up. There’s a real psychological phenomenon called “enclothed cognition,” which suggests that what you wear affects your performance. Call it #sockdoping if you want, but we’ll take all the #sockwatts we can get during hot-weather riding this summer.

When it comes to cycling socks, I am telling you, cyclists have OPINIONS. From material, to sock height, to compression vs. non-compression, and of course, the all important style element – there are just so many choices out there. I know some cyclists just throw on any old sock that they would normally use, skip all of the sock choice drama, and call it a day.

I am not one of those people. I have always been VERY particular about my socks, cycling and otherwise. To be honest, it’s less about the fashion element (though I do appreciate an awesome pattern or stand-out color!).

For me the fabric, feel, comfort, and performance is what is the most important.

I have been plagued with foot issues over the years, including plantar fasciitis, so I take my sock choices very seriously.  With cycling socks, you want your socks to be breathable, and to wick away moisture.  When it’s cold outside you want to add warmth without adding excess bulk.