How to choose your gravel bike clothing cycling kit?

How to choose your gravel bike clothing cycling kit?

Gravel biking has become a perfect bridge between mountain and road biking; which is why having gravel cycling wear is important. While there are different kits and clothing requirements, street and mountain cycling, gravel biking wear inherits the best of both worlds because the gravel bike clothing cycling kits combine comfort with endurance.

It has the reliability, robustness, and regulative feel of both mountain and road biking. These gravel bike jerseys and bib shorts for gravel riding are designed to make riding on smooth and coarse terrains easier and convenient. The dynamic and versatile aspect of these gravel biking wear makes the riding fluent and easier.

If you are a “gravel biking enthusiast” then you must keep at least one of these outfits in your collection. No matter the type of track you opt for, gravel cycling outfits can adapt to the feel easily.

The difference between gravel cycling clothing and race cycling clothing

With the increasing popularity of gravel biking, comes an increasing number of gravel bike clothing collections. Brands like Isadore, La Passione, Castelli, Sigr and so on have manufactured their own gravel collections. But what makes gravel wear, gravel wear? Generally speaking one could say gravel clothing can better withstand the extremes of Mother Nature. Think about dust, mud, rain, water,… Looking at the specifications of gravel wear you will notice waterproof pockets, pockets which can be closed with a zipper, cargo bib shorts with extra pockets on the side, the use of merino wool for extra warmth and comfort and so on. So, although you can also use your tradition cycling jersey and bib shorts to go for a gravel ride, gravel cycling clothing does have some additional benefits.