What Is in Your Gravel Adventure Jersey Pockets?

What Is in Your Gravel Adventure Jersey Pockets?

The Jersey — NENK Gravel Jersey

My gravel jersey of choice is the NENK Jersey. This cycling jersey was designed with gravel and off-road riding in mind. It is composed of a unique blend of marl and mesh fabrics, which gives it great thermal regelation properties and allows you to do long all-day rides in mixed temperatures without getting overheated or overcooled.

The jersey sleeves are also slightly longer than most—to help with protection from the elements and trailside debris. The pockets are deeper too, and feature one small zippered pocket—to keep your items securely housed. Finally, there are some nice reflective details in the design—a useful addition on sunrise and sunset rides.

The Nutrition — Outdoor Provisions Energy Bars

The Phone Wallet  

The protective case is great for stopping sweat, dust, precipitation, and rear wheel spray damaging these valuables.

The Protective Layer

Finally, in the second side jersey pocket I always take a protective shielding layer.