get kitted out for summer

get kitted out for summer

Summer is here and it is time to check out the best cycling jerseys for staying cool and comfortable on glorious warm-weather rides. 

So much research and design goes into modern cycling clothing and, arguably, where the advantages of this can be most clearly seen are in the jersey – surely the most worn and most carefully chosen of all a cyclist’s garments. 

We also know the weather can be a fickle beast and the latest technology on offer in jersey design means that windproofing, waterproofing and insulation are no longer the sole domain of the best winter cycling jackets and gilets, so were have also included sections on jerseys that can keep you comfortable in colder conditions.

The products that we’ve highlighted have been tested by our staff. That has usually involved many weeks of riding in different conditions, so we’ve got a real feel for how they perform, how comfy they are, whether the pockets are well located and whether that superlight mesh jersey is going to fall apart in a week or not. Collectively we’ve got tens of thousands of miles of experience, so we know how to pick out the best from the rest.

If you want more advice, we’ve also included a buyer’s guide at the bottom of the page to help you make your choice from the best cycling jerseys.

The front panels use a 3D knit miniCheck Tex fabric with a dimpled texture that helps keep the air attached for better aero efficiency, while a Push Pull warp knit fabric gives a high level of ventilation on the lower back.

There is also a pleasing attention to detail on the pockets, which tick all the right boxes for placement and stability, making them among the best available on any jersey. 

The one negative is the design and colours are a little on the bland side but, for many, that will not be a reason to pass on a high-quality option.