Moisture-Wicking Underwear for Cyclists

Moisture-Wicking Underwear for Cyclists

What to Consider


Like anything involving undergarments, the specifics are personal. Many cyclists prefer a more full cut for their workout and riding underwear, which helps prevent chafing and wedgies. Men’s wicking underwear is available in styles ranging from briefs to skin-hugging boxers with nine-inch inseams. Women’s wicking underwear comes in everything from boxer styles to high-waisted briefs to boy-shorts to cheeky styles. It’s all about personal preference, and it will likely take a few different trial runs before figuring out the most comfortable style for your rides and workouts.


Like moisture-wicking shirts and other workout garments, moisture-wicking underwear comes in either natural or synthetic materials, and sometimes a blend. Natural fibers, like merino or lyocell, are naturally odor-resistant and wicking, and can be softer next to skin. They also take longer to dry than synthetics. Synthetic fibers wick moisture faster and can feel lighter on your body, but they won’t stay stink-free as long as natural fibers. Like the style and cut, expect to try a few different options before settling on the best material for you.

How We Selected

To choose the best moisture-wicking underwear for cyclists, we looked at different materials and styles to fit a variety of needs and body types. This underwear is available at a range of price points from different outlets. All have been tested and proven for long-distance comfort and dryness during rides and workouts, with some pairs also suitable for multi-day wear on extended tours.