Mitts and full-finger gloves for cycling

Mitts and full-finger gloves for cycling

The best cycling gloves aren’t just about keeping your hands warm, they also help keep you comfortable as you ride, and protect your hands in the event of a crash.

Whereas the best winter cycling gloves have a much greater focus on insulation and weatherproofing, you’ll want to wear the best cycling gloves for warm weather riding to keep your hands more comfortable as you ride and ensure that your grip remains firm. That’s about strategically placed padding and silicone printing between your hands and the bars. But summer cycling gloves also help with sweat absorption on the hottest days and even UV protection for the backs of your hands.

If you have an accident while riding, a good pair of summer gloves will protect your hands too. Your hands are often one of the first things to make contact with the road surface and abrasion and road grit can be uncomfortable to clean up and slow to heal. 

The best summer cycling gloves don’t add a lot of bulk or warmth either, so your hands shouldn’t overheat. But if it is a bit chilly, or you’re heading off-road and might be riding through vegetation and nettles, a set of lightweight full finger gloves might be the ticket

designed for those who experience debilitating nerve pain in their hands after a long ride. The synthetic leather palm is coupled with 4mm gel padding, and this delivers supreme comfort.

The gloves fit true to size, have a Velcro strap closure at the wrist for a quick and easy fine tuning before a ride, a nose wipe on the outer thumb, and reflective details on the little finger to help keep your hand signals visible in low light.

The only downside is that the wrist design features a tab that, when positioned poorly, can dig in and rub the skin. It’s easily sorted, but a slight annoyance.