Chamois creams

Chamois creams

Whether you are new to cycling or have been an avid rider for most of your life, you’ve most likely heard of, if not used, chamois cream. 

But if you haven’t a clue what this product is, or even how it’s pronounced, fear not, as hopefully by the end of this you’ll have a clearer understanding of this useful, if a little intimate, product. 


Arguably the biggest benefit to using chamois cream is the anti chafing support it offers. The cream works by creating a barrier between your skin and any areas that may chafe. Therefore reducing friction.

This is important because chafing can lead to very sore and swollen skin. In some cases, this can even escalate into abscesses and saddle sores. Unfortunately, when it gets to this point, you will need time off of the bike and potential medical assistance.