winter cycling gloves 2022

winter cycling gloves 2022

As all cyclists know, in winter it’s the extremities that get chilly first. No matter how warm the rest of your body, if your hands become too cold, it’s very difficult to continue enjoying your ride. Getting a pair of the best winter cycling gloves to keep your fingers functioning, will make a world of difference in the colder months.

Much like owning one of the best winter cycling jacket, once you’ve made the investment, you’ll wonder how you survived for so long without a pair of perfect handwarmers. 

Counterintuitively, the best time to buy winter cycling gloves is in fact winter. This is because many retailers overstock for Christmas, and once the big day is done, they’re keen to move on any surplus kit and clear the decks ready for the Spring season.   

There are many winter gloves to choose from. There are plenty with a particular quality. This does invariably mean that some will favour one feature, or weather condition, over another. So we’ve broken this guide down in to sections, which allows you to navigate quickly to the best winter cycling gloves for you.  

With a light fleece lining, there’s enough warmth to keep the hands warm and even after hours of light rain, they stay dry. Once the water does make it in, your hands stay warm and there’s enough dexterity to work the controls and keep yourself fed as you ride.