winter bib tights to keep you warm and toasty on the bike

winter bib tights to keep you warm and toasty on the bike

Winter is almost upon us and, for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our best winter bib tights are being dragged out of hiding alongside the rest of our winter cycling gear, while our summer kit is going into hibernation for the winter ahead.

Thankfully, things have come a long way since the early days of bib-tight material technology, and nowadays we have luxuriously soft, fleece-lined fabrics and Windstopper materials that keep the cold out without limiting your range of motion. And sure, the best cycling shorts paired with leg warmers can get you through a lot of cold rides, but a good set of winter bib tights will make the experience exponentially more enjoyable. As a result, bib tights are a mainstay for many a cyclist’s winter wardrobe. 

However, the best winter bib tights for you might completely ruin someone else’s ride, so don’t just buy any bib tights thinking they all do the same job.

They might all be designed to be worn when the temperature drops, but there are many different types of winter bib tights, including different material weights, weatherproofing treatments and chamois pads, and then there are those without a chamois altogether, which are designed to be worn over your best cycling shorts. 

 Bib tights are made from a combination of weatherproof materials at the front and more breathable materials at the rear to create a product designed to battle freezing temperatures. The front-facing panels are made using a material that is both windproof and water-resistant