Features to look for in running shorts

Features to look for in running shorts

To find the best running shorts for women, we consulted our previous coverage on sweat shorts and recommendations for running shorts from fitness experts including marathoners and runners to figure out common features that might be useful to search for when it comes to women’s running shorts.

Moisture-wicking: This is a term you’ll often see when it comes to workout wear. It refers to a fabric that both moves sweat (or water) away and dries it quickly, as Deanna Wu, vice president of Brooklinen, previously told us.

Built-in briefs:Marathoner Jordan Zimmerman previously explained that underwear can cause chafing, which means many runners don’t wear them while running. She suggested finding shorts with built-in briefs instead.

Fabrics: While polyester on its own isn’t very breathable, a polyester blend could handle the heat, as textile professor Preethi Gopinath previously mentioned. Generally, for some stretch, you can look for spandex and elastane, fashion stylist Jessica Cadmus said in our guide to men’s work-from-home pants.

Elastic waistband: Many of the options experts recommended to us included adjustable waistbands, which could help make a pair of shorts more comfortable to move around in (and provide a much more customized fit).

Pockets: Pockets were another feature that experts pointed out in their picks. Pockets are a practical solution to hold essentials while running — especially so you can avoid carrying a purse or wallet with you.

Length: Along with these features, you’ll probably want to pay attention to the length of the shorts — a couple of inches could mean more or less coverage.