The best workout shorts

The best workout shorts

The best workout shorts to buy will depend on the activity you’re using them for, and your workout style. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Length: The correct length for your gym shorts depends on your workout. Runners can’t have excess material so they usually prefer something around five inches. Lifters often like coverage between their legs and the bench or barbell, so nine-inch shorts are a good choice. Seven-inch workout shorts are a good in-between if you do it all.

Material: The best workout shorts will all have moisture-wicking capabilities to reduce sweat, but there is still a wide range of material combinations. Some shorts also have four-way stretch material, meaning they stretch both crosswise and lengthwise and recover to their original shape.

Pockets: Now that most of us carry a smartphone while working out or running, pockets are a big deal when shopping for the best workout shorts. Regular side pockets are great for walking around before and after a workout, while zippered pockets keep things from slipping out. Sometimes you can find a pair of lined workout shorts with a handy pouch in the liner that keeps your smartphone secure while doing high-impact moves or running.

Fit: Most people like a trim-fit pair of workout shorts for security, but some like a more relaxed fit. This is really up to personal preference but important to note when shopping.

Style: Looking good while working out, whether for yourself or that other person at your gym, is a powerful motivational tool. Consider your personal style and ideal workout gear look when shopping (tip: you can never go wrong with basic black).