choosing the right supplier to produce a bespoke team kit

choosing the right supplier to produce a bespoke team kit

Whether it’s for your local club, a high-performance race team, a charity ride, or you and a few buddies have an idea for a unique kit, organizing custom cycling clothing is easier than ever.

Most companies will allow you to design the look of your jersey and bibs, including logos and graphics, and some will go as far as letting you customize everything from stitching, to leg and arm length.

The size of your order will also influence which supplier you choose, with some outfits having firm minimum order sizes, while others will design and manufacture you a single kit.


Economies of scale mean that the more you buy, the less each individual kit will cost you. Many custom kit suppliers will have a minimum order, while others will make you a single custom kit — don’t expect to get a bargain if this is the route you choose.

The other thing to watch out for is whether the minimum order is total pieces or per piece. Some brands may have a minimum order of 20-pieces, which could mean ten short sleeve jerseys, five pairs of bib shorts, two vests, and three rain jackets; while other brands might have a 20-piece per item minimum, so if you want jerseys and bibs you’ll need to find 20 people who want both.


The main reason you will be looking is to create a unique kit for a group of people to wear, and you’d hate to go through the process and end up with something that looks like it was stitched together by a two-year-old — unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course.

Just about every brand has an in-house team that will help you design the kit of your dreams, but the process and price of utilizing this design team will vary from supplier to supplier. Some will charge an hourly rate for their designer’s time, while others will simply include it in the cost.