What Should I Wear Cycling In Winter?

What Should I Wear Cycling In Winter?

Cycling in cold chilly weather can be amazing, it mostly depends on how well equipped you are.  You do not want to freeze or overheat on your ride.  Managing sweat ends up becoming the key factor that will determine the comfort of your ride.

Although most of the preliminary concern is being too cold, overheating can be the worst thing that can happen in the winter months.

When the temperature is above 70, you will normally need a basic kit that is a jersey, bibs or shorts, and socks. However, as soon as the temperature drops you will need to start adding layers.

Layering and protecting your extremities is the key to a comfortable ride

Use windproof winter gloves to keep your fingers warm.

Use shoe covers or toe warmers to keep your feet warm.

Use a base fabric layer on the skin to insulate with a thermal cloth.

Use different jackets to block the wind and rain and are reflective for road visibility.

Use leg and knee warmers for very cold weather cycling to add an extra warmth layer.