Best cycling jerseys

Best cycling jerseys

The clothing you wear while riding can have a huge influence on your comfort and performance, and alongside bib shorts, your summer jersey is always going to be one of the key pieces. 

Advances in technical fabrics in recent years mean the difference in on-bike performance between the best cycling jerseys and ‘normal’ clothes can be substantial, particularly if you’re concerned about going fast or riding comfortably in hot weather.

Of course, many roadies care about how they look on the bike too, and while we certainly wouldn’t claim to be the arbiters of ‘cool’, we think all of these cycling jerseys tested by the BikeRadar test team should fit the bill.

It’s worth remembering these jerseys are designed for riding in warm, dry weather, so don’t forget to check the weather forecast before rides. If you’re heading out for a long time, packing an extra layer to put on if the weather changes is always sensible. Want to know more about layers? Check out our selections of the best waterproof jackets for cyclists and the best cycling gilets.

The jerseys in this list are men’s cycling jerseys, but where women’s-equivalent jerseys exist we have included a link. We’ve also created a list of 6 of the best women’s cycling jerseys for summer.

At the front, a soft-to-touch, three-dimensional dimpled knit fabric increases the surface area to push up evaporation rates and help with aerodynamic airflow.

On the rear, a wider gauge mesh fabric increases breathability. This has limited vertical stretch and along with a silicone-lined hem keeps everything in place.

The smooth-fabric, raw-end sleeves are bonded to help with longevity, while the lower zip garage protects your shorts.