The best winter cycling jacket

The best winter cycling jacket

The best winter cycling jackets keep you warm and dry, without making you ‘boil in the bag’. It might not be the most glamorous part of the cycling season, but winter cycling is a fact of life for many cyclists.

Whether you’re racing, training or just commuting to work, the specific demands of cycling in the harsh conditions aren’t easily met, and if you want to stay comfortable out on the road, getting your clothing choices right is vital.

Jackets, in particular, are a key piece of your armoury, as while your legs will generate some heat through use, protecting your core and arms from the elements is paramount to keeping you warm and in control of your bike.

The choice used to be limited to fleeced long sleeve jerseys or plastic rain capes, but development and innovation in fabrics and fit means that clothing for cold and wet conditions have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. 

Constructed from a multi-layer softshell fabric, it has a true wind and waterproof membrane – rather than a DWR surface treatment that would eventually wear out and need to be refreshed.

The company rates the jacket as suitable for temperatures ranging from -2 to 10-degrees Celsius, so it should be suitable for the majority of winter days out on the bike. It’s so warm that dhb actually recommends another winter cycling jacket (the dhb Aeron All Winter Softshell Jacket) in its range for those that run hot.