Mountain Biking Chamois You Can Find

Mountain Biking Chamois You Can Find

Although riding a bike can be a great way to get exercise and spend time outside, bicycle seats are known for not being super comfortable. If you’re riding for more than an hour or so, your behind can get pretty sore. When talking about mountain biking, rocks and uneven trails can be murder on your body.

Fortunately, one way to help make the ride more accommodating is to wear the best mountain bike chamois you can find. These products offer extra support and cushioning, allowing you to stay mobile for longer. We’re going to look at the top six chamois models available, as well as discuss what makes them so vital for riding.


Many colors and sizes available

Lightweight and breathable fabric

Flat seam construction to prevent chafing

3D gel chamois

Men’s and women’s versions available


In rare cases, the legs may roll up while riding

Sizing can be tricky for some riders

What we liked

If you’re a bigger rider, you’ll likely appreciate the lightweight breathability of these bike shorts. We like that they’re not really constricting, which can be a problem with other chamois models. Overall, your legs (and other parts) can breathe easier on the trail.