cycling shorts for men

cycling shorts for men

Cycling shorts are the number one piece of kit in any rider’s wardrobe – a good pair of padded cycling shorts can ensure you’re able to put the time in on the bike, a bad pair can lead to a lot of discomfort, taking the joy out of your ride.

The best cycling shorts include a quality chamois (the pad), quick-drying and high wicking material, a stretchy fabric so that there’s no flapping about and a comfortable fit.

While it’s important to team with the best men’s cycling jerseys , it’s vital to get the right fit for you and style of riding.

Cycling shorts come in two distinct forms: bib shorts and waist shorts. There’s more detail on this below – but for most riders the ideal cycling shorts are the bib option, especially when on one of the best road bikes as more often than not these provide greater comfort preventing waistband compression round your middle and prevent any jersey to shorts gaps appearing when on your bike.

If you opt for waist shorts, you’ll want a pair with a high and wideband to prevent tummy discomfort. But these can be the perfect cycling shorts for popping under casualwear for a more pleasant saddle experience when hopping on a comfort bikefor a gentle spin

Lightweight fabrics

Summer cycling shorts use lightweight, stretchy and breathable fabrics, and are typically constructed from multiple panels to provide a comfortable, anatomical fit.

These are neatly stitched together with thoughtfully located flatlock seams to provide maximum comfort while offering support. Your shorts should feel skintight and supportive, without causing any discomfort.

Padded cycling shorts will feature a chamois stitched inside the shorts to provide relief and comfort around the sit bones.

Not all pads are created equal and finding a design that works for you is crucial to long-term comfort.

Once again, the fit should be snug to avoid chafing, while a breathable pad will help keep things good downstairs.

Most pads vary the density and thickness of padding through the chamois to provide support where it’s needed most, while some use gel inserts in a bid to improve comfort.

Comfortable bib straps

Bib straps are designed to help keep your bib shorts in place, without the need for an uncomfortably tight waistband.

The stretchy straps need to be tight enough to hold your shorts in place securely, but not be so tight that they make putting the shorts on difficult or uncomfortable.

If possible, we’d recommend trying shorts on for size before you make a purchase.