The best custom cycling women bib shorts

The best custom cycling women bib shorts

The best cycling shorts will provide a comfortable base on which you can rest your weight throughout the majority of your ride. While it helps to have a well-suited, comfortable saddle on your bike, if you pair it with a sub-par pair of shorts you’re likely to be missing out on all its benefits. 

A well-designed chamois (the padded insert) will go a long way to improve comfort, but it has to be supported by quality materials cut and constructed in a way that keeps everything in place. This is not only to avoid uncomfortable bunching or friction but also to spare your blushes – and the eyes – of the rider on your wheel.

A badly fitting or poor quality pair of cycling shorts can ruin even the shortest of rides, while the best cycling shorts, when paired with the best road bike saddles, can leave you riding comfortably for hours on end.

Whether you opt for waist shorts or bib shorts is a personal choice, and each has its merits. Waist shorts are certainly much easier when it comes to toilet breaks, though more brands are now producing nature-break-friendly bib shorts, regardless of gender. 

Some riders find that silicone grippers irritate their skin (especially in warmer weather), and will prefer elastic or the inherent gripping properties of lycra itself.

The chamois should fit your anatomy closely, as creases or badly placed seams will cause chafing and lead to saddle sores, and stay securely in position throughout your ride. Designers recommend wearing the smallest size you can get into, as a tight fit will stop the pad moving, especially as the fabric deteriorates over time.