No right or wrong choice when it comes to shorts versus bibs

No right or wrong choice when it comes to shorts versus bibs

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to shorts versus bibs. It comes down to personal preference. How do they fit? What type of riding do you do? Does one work better than the other with your body shape and size? It’s best to try both and remain loyal to the one that’s most comfortable for you.

Shorts are more convenient than bibs when nature calls midride. But because shorts often have a snug waistband to hold them in place, they can cause irritation, especially if they’re too tight. Some shorts, however, have a wider, more loose-fitting waistband that doesn’t cinch around your midsection. Another downside to shorts is that gap between the top of the waistband and the bottom of your jersey. If your jersey rides up, your skin can be exposed—unless you’re wearing a base layer tucked into the shorts.

Bibs use shoulder straps, rather than a constricting waistband, to hold the shorts up and in place. No waistband means less pressure around your stomach. Most bibs have a higher panel front and back that not only eliminates your chances for exposed skin but also holds in your stomach for a more flattering look. But not everyone is able to adapt to the downward pressure, however slight, that bib straps can put on your shoulders. And some folks don’t appreciate that straps are visible under lighter-colored jerseys. The biggest complaint with bib shorts? Unless yours are designed with a drop tail or super-stretchy straps (which so many these days are), bathroom stops can be a real pain in the butt. Generally speaking, you’ll find better quality and fit with bibs than you will with shorts.

Launched last year, dimpled Vortex fabric on the legs provide crucial aero benefits while the fabric on the leg’s inners helps mould a perfect race fit.

It uses its  Air chamois which is both seamless to prevent irritation on your undercarriage while also being relatively small to also prevent intrusion.

Large leg grippers keep the bibshorts in place, regardless of the effort, while a ‘minimalist’ strap construction means you’ll keep cool on even the warmest days.

As is usual with Castelli, its bibshorts do come up small so you may need to consider sizing up.