Best Cycling Gloves

Best Cycling Gloves

There are many reasons cyclists might wear gloves.  They can help cushion your hands and prevent callouses.  Some gloves can keep your hands warm. Other gloves can give you protection against a spill.

Finding the right glove depends partly on the type of riding you do.  A century (100 mile) road rider might want different gloves than a mountain biker.  Still, there are some gloves that are just superior to others, and the good news is that they don’t change that much.

The best cycling gloves don’t just complement the rest of your kit; they’re there to protect your hands from road rash in the event of a crash, aid with grip, keep the chill off and more. 

They come in various guises, from full-finger warmers to half-finger mitts that prevent overheating. Some will have gel or foam padding on the palm to prevent compressed nerves, while others may feature insulation and waterproofing.

With the onset of late summer here in the northern hemisphere, you might still be getting good use out of your warm-weather cycling gloves, but soon it’ll be time to start digging out your best winter cycling gloves as the temperatures begin to fall. 

This all-round nature of theirs means that they’re designed with rough riding in mind, as well as the smooth. For the roadie who often gets subjected to pot holes, roots and various other road surface blemishes, these could prove to be a winner as they’re made with a view to damping vibrations from the trail.

As they’re MTB-suitable, this means they’re also pretty tough and rugged, made from durable stretch fabric and featuring the brand’s ergonomic palm design that’s sculpted to deliver a natural shape while gripping the bars.

There’s a lot that can be taken from the trail to the road, and these gloves prove exactly that. Having said that, the road purist might find them a little bulky in comparison to some other gloves on this list.