Women yoga tops

Women yoga tops

Many women choose yoga over other athletic pursuits because they don’t like to sweat profusely as they do when engaging in aerobic workouts, so you don’t need compression or moisture-wicking yoga tops that can add to the price of your wardrobe picks.

Aside from the weave, thickness is also an important factor when evaluating yoga tops. If the fabric is thick, it will stick around. If it’s not, you could suffer buyer’s remorse if your bargain top winds up on a pile of charitable donations.

The fabric industry rates thickness by weight per linear foot, ranging from 180gr to 310gr. If you can find yoga tops that are fabricated of a blend that includes nylon (called the strongest and most durable fabric for exercise) that also has a high thickness number, Zen enlightenment may be achieved!

4 types of yoga tops for women

Yoga maven Gabrielle Madisson discusses all aspects of choosing perfect yoga clothes for women on her DoYouYoga website, recommending a variety of options that depend upon your need for modesty or desire to explore your inner fashionista. If you like variety, you may own all four styles of yoga tops.


This option can be the least desirable of all because loose t-shirts have a tendency to get in the way of movement, says Gabrielle. If you’re in a pinch and have no options, find a way to knot the tee hem to control that movement, especially if the t-shirt is made of fabric that doesn’t stretch.

Tank Tops

Perhaps the most popular style of yoga top, tanks are almost always fabricated of a blend of cotton and spandex, so they cling to the body just enough to give the wearer plenty of stretches. Sweat absorption is another reason tank tops work for women who perspire even when they’re not doing aerobics.

Midriff Tops

The biggest advantage of this type of yoga top is that they are designed and constructed in such a way, you can easily study the way your arms and back are positioned when achieving poses. Not very popular with women of a certain age, midriff tops make a nice compromise for women eager to show off their fitness.

Yoga Bras

No underwires, please, unless you want to suffer rather than bliss out! Underwire bras not only impair your ability to move but those hooks and eyes can dig into your back when you lie on the floor to do mat work. Remember: you’re seeking serenity, not torture.