Personalized active wear manufacturer

Personalized active wear manufacturer

We know that everyone loves to rock leggings to run errands, lounge around the house or even have a night out on the town, but what are the best yoga pants to actually, er, practice yoga in?

According to yoga aficionados, the best types of leggings to practice yoga in traditionally have a thicker, looser fit with the freedom of flexibility. Other great features that might help you level up your yoga practice include full-coverage support, moisture-wicking properties, an anti-chafing fit and UPF protection if you’re practicing your sun salutations under the hot sun.

Squat test. Put the leggings on and video yourself from behind doing a deep squat. Can you see your undies or your butt? If so, take note of that material and steer clear of it in the future.

How’s the material feel? If you put on the leggings and feel even slightly uncomfortable from the material, move on to the next pair. They’ll become the leggings sitting in your drawer that you can’t bear to throw away because they’re new.

Especially if I’m going to be doing a high-intensity (and high sweat) workout like HIIT or a dance cardio class since they’re made to keep you feeling comfortable during super sweaty workouts. Here’s how: The lightweight, quick-drying material doesn’t absorb sweat like some cotton blends do, and the engineered waistband stays put even during jumping jacks.