Buyer’s guide

Buyer’s guide

The British winter, much like the British summer, is a strange beast that often can’t make up its mind what it wants to be.

Unless you live in the far north of England, in Scotland or high up in the Welsh mountains, chances are you’ll only get a few really extreme days and most of the time it will be fairly mild.

This leaves you with a bit of a clothing dilemma. It’s too cold to wear just a regular jersey, even with a decent base layer, but a full winter jacket, on the other hand, will be far too warm.

Luckily, most makers of cycling clothing recognise this and so offer garments that are somewhere between the two – essentially regular jerseys but with long sleeves and made from fabrics that offer a bit of extra protection from the elements, such as thermal Roubaix Lycra to keep you warm, and occasionally with some degree of water-resistance, if not full waterproofing.

Offering something of everything, Pro ticks the boxes for insulation, rain and wind protection as well as breathability making it a great all-rounder for riding in all three seasons.

Available in seven sizes and four colour options plus a women’s cut, Sportful classify it as an ergonomic fit so it’s made to be racer-tight.

Three rear pockets, with no security option, can take plenty of ride essentials and thanks to the fabric on the body only stretching around you not vertically, you can bet it won’t sag when loaded for a day trip.

The arms, on the other hand, use so they stretch for that snug fit. Well made with lots of attention to detail, the jersey gives plenty of warmth and comfort in cold conditions.