Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Buying A Yoga Top

Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Buying A Yoga Top

1. What type of yoga will I practice?

Really, this is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a yoga shirt.

You don’t want to wear a loose yoga top to a fast Vinyasa class since it will restrict your movements and ride up in the simplest inversions. And let me guess… You’re probably not excited about showing your bra to everyone during a Down Dog.

Similarly, choosing a loose cotton shirt for hot yoga is a bad idea – it will leave you drenched in sweat and get heavier the more you perspire.

2. Is this yoga top functional?

Yoga wear isn’t about the looks.

Sure, we all want to wear cute yoga shirts, but stay sensible. If you’re faced with the choice of look versus functionality, choose the latter.

When a yoga top makes you look beautiful and compliments your figure, ask yourself if it’s going to do the same good job in the studio: will it wick away sweat and stay in place during the intense workout?

The leading yoga brands are often trying to combine both fashion and performance, but it doesn’t mean that this combination is always successful.

3. Is the material stretchy?

Whether you do Vinyasa or Yin, you want your yoga clothes to move with you.

Choose yoga shirts that are either made of plant-derived materials and are naturally stretchy (organic cotton, for example) or that contain some stretchy fabric.

Five percent of Lycra or Spandex won’t make a noticeable difference in softness and feel but will offer you greater freedom of movement in your poses. Besides, they will make your yoga tops retain their shape and prevent sagging

4. Does this yoga top look comfortable?

Tiny details matter. There is nothing worse than losing your balance and getting irritated in the middle of the yoga session because of the chafing seam or an itchy tag.

Most yoga tops now are tagless and sewn with flat-lock seams. But it never hurts to check this before the purchase.

Study other minor details in the product. Open back yoga tops, for example, can increase breathability, but probably won’t feel too comfortable if you plan to wear them casually.

5. Is this yoga top sustainably and ethically made?

Your comfort is undoubtedly important.

But don’t forget about the comfort of your home planet and people who make your yoga tops.

How transparent is the company you’re buying from about their fabrics and production process? Are the people that harvest raw materials and work in factories are cared for and paid a living wage?

Keep in mind that the choices you make in your daily life have a direct impact on the lives of others.