Is wearing a sports bra every day bad?

Is wearing a sports bra every day bad?

While casual bras can ebb and flow in quality, the experts we consulted agreed there’s good reason to find and invest in a sports bra that’s right for your body and your activities. Not only can neck and back pain come from working out in a sports bra that doesn’t fit or isn’t the right support level, but it can also cause skin irritation.

So is wearing a sports bra every day bad? If you get the right one, no.

Sherry McAllister, DC, president of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, said a common problem she’s seen among female patients is ill-fitting sports bras— meaning the cup size is too small and the band too big. “When the band is too loose, it rides up on the back, causing the weight of the breasts to roll the shoulders forward, creating increased tension on the upper back muscles and eventually causing back pain and other postural issues,” she explained. On the other hand, a sports bra that is too tight can dig into the shoulders and tighten the upper back muscles, causing restriction of proper movement of the spine. “The spine is designed to bend and flex with daily activity,” McAllister pointed out. “And when restrictions occur, back pain begins.”

What is a sports bra?

A sports bra is an essential component of athletic apparel that doesn’t always get the credit or attention it deserves. In the short term, generally speaking, when you wear the wrong size in an everyday bra, you may experience some discomfort, but there are likely no other major consequences, explained Laura Tempesta, a former sports bra innovation director at Nike and founder of Bravolution. “However, when you wear the wrong size in a sports bra and go for a run, you greatly increase the likelihood of breast pain and chafing,” Tempesta added.