Workout Shirts for Men Keep You Feeling Cool and Smelling Tolerable

Workout Shirts for Men Keep You Feeling Cool and Smelling Tolerable

The best workout shirts for men must do many things well. They must be sturdy, but also breathable. They should look sharp, but not like a billboard. And they should fit, but not restrict blood flow to the extremities. For those in search of the perfect workout shirt, we found the best one for every type of guy.

The Best Cost Effective Workout Shirt

Every brand now makes their own version of sweat-wicking fabric, but after almost decade on the market, Dri-Fit is still a more-than-capable challenger to some of the more expensive counterparts. High armholes and a slim body make the Miler comfortable enough for runs and fitted enough for weightlifting, and the striped pattern politely signals to others that your outside-the-gym outfits, too, are a bit more refined. At half the cost of our other top picks—plus, this products frequently go on sale at retailers—this is the most cost-effective solution to the reprehensible cut-off tee collection to which you still cling.

The Best Breezy Workout Shirt

sweaty halls of the best workout shirts for men because it lets in a whole lot of air. That’s thanks in large part to a series of visible, larger-than-usual holes that somehow don’t show any skin. Also, the heathered colorways and contrast-stitched seams provide a nice reprieve from the bright solid colors available at your local sporting goods store. For those of you who aren’t inclined to shill for an athletic apparel giant without an endorsement deal in place, the logo—already small and unobtrusive—is tucked away on the back, just below the neck.