Why you should try outdoor cycling

Why you should try outdoor cycling

I know you’d all prefer to ride indoors, but I’m here to tell you about the benefits of a less obviously appealing riding discipline: outdoor cycling.

Outdoor cycling is much like the indoor experience we all know and love. You work hard, build up a sweat and get a great workout in the company of like-minded individuals*.

But it’s also so much more. Indoor cycling may be the purist’s version of the sport and the one that’s more spiritually rewarding, but if you’re prepared to relax your moral stance, outdoor cycling is almost as enjoyable.

Going for your first outdoor bike ride

On a practical level, outdoor riding does require some extra kit. You can leave your smart trainer and iPad at home (don’t forget to put a rear wheel on your bike. Doing so is a mistake you’ll only make two or three times), but you will need extra clothing. 

I also recommend that you wear a helmet because the outside world is hard and unyielding for the most part, unlike your spare room or garage.

To be clear, this is actual physical clothing I’m talking out, which you’ll have to put on your body. It’s not as simple as selecting items from a menu.

If all of that sounds like a lot of effort, don’t let that you put you off – riding outdoors is a truly immersive experience. 

Three-dimensional visuals are delivered straight to your eyeballs and the soundscape is incredible. 

Bike-specific effects combine seamlessly with ambient noises from nature and traffic, although you’ll have to supply your own music if you need it.

The physical sensations of riding outdoors will shock you with their immediacy, with features such as gradient (where the front of the bike raises and lowers to simulate terrain) and wind included as standard.