women’s cycling jerseys: short sleeved cycling tops for summer

women’s cycling jerseys: short sleeved cycling tops for summer

A women’s cycling jersey, with short sleeves, that keeps you cool and comfortable is a necessity for enjoying—and performing on—warm weather rides.

Even when narrowing your search down to cycling jerseys with female specific cuts, there’s an overwhelming choice of brands, styles, fits and cuts. But this also means you will be able to find something to suit your preferences and budget if you know where, and what, to look for.

First, here’s a few cues regarding what to think about when searching for a women’s summer cycling jersey and then we share a selection of our favourites, for all needs and price points.

A good women’s summer cycling jersey will sit fairly close to the skin and won’t flap about in the wind. Some brands boast about the aerodynamic advantages of their fit, but be careful, a jersey too tight can have the effect of suffocating your workout—you need to be able to breathe and move freely.

Developed with insight from the SOBIKE cycling team, the fit is body-hugging but not reveal-all tight. Although the sleeves extend quite far – just above the elbow – the jersey still performs well in the heat, making a moorland ride on one of the hottest days of the year manageable.

The pockets are well sized and supportive enough to carry all riding paraphernalia without sagging down. Only criticism to make is that there are far more colour option available for the male version than the female one.