Best waterproof cycling jackets tried and tested

Best waterproof cycling jackets tried and tested

The best waterproof cycling jackets can do far more than the traditional rain cape used to do. With the latest breathable fabrics, riders no longer need to worry about the famous boil-in-the-bag scenario.

Even basic, relatively cheap packable jackets allow sweat and condensation to be transferred from the inside to the outside of their fabric while keeping out rain. The best waterproof cycling jacket will keep you dry through the foulest weather, allowing you to head out of the front door if you’ve had enough indoor cycling or aren’t privileged with the choice.

The men’s model fitted close to the skin, with tight cuffs to create a smooth glove to sleeve transition, although we found the women’s version a bit generous so would suggest sizing down on your normal choice.

Like most of even the best waterproof jackets, after a while, it’ll start to lose its waterproofing qualities, that just means the tangled fibres have loosened up to the point that liquid water can now pass through. To tighten them back up, all you need to do is whack the jacket in the tumble dryer on a light setting and it’ll go back to its waterproofing ways.

The fit is skinny, with long arms and narrow shoulders and the collar fleece-lined for extra insulation, which also stops water trickling down. All the seams are taped, the lightweight YKK zip works smoothly and the jacket rounded out by a perfectly judged drop tail which prevents your chamois and lower back from getting soaked.