How To Choose Mountain Bike Riding Clothes?

How To Choose Mountain Bike Riding Clothes?

Every time I walk on the road, I always recall my childhood riding memories when I look at the background of riding away. In order to learn how to ride a bike, I fell many times in my childhood. I secretly went out to play with my classmates at the weekend. When I came back in the evening, I had a hole in the tire of my bicycle. I could only push and ride all the way home. When I was a child, I was happy, but not happy Since then, I seldom ride a bike. I commute by car or subway every day, so I decided to take part in cycling, not only to get back the happiness of my childhood, but also to broaden my horizons and exercise!

For a novice cyclist, the first thing is what kind of riding clothes to choose. Because I have no experience in this field before, I can only understand this knowledge on the Internet. Here, I hope to have friends like me who just participated in cycling and don’t know how to choose riding clothes to share some questions about mountain bike riding clothes.

What kind of mountain bike riding clothes is good? How to choose? The riding clothes brand vigmi shares with you the professional knowledge of riding clothes. Here is a brief introduction to you.

Cycling top:

Riding jacket we should mainly choose the type of clothes which are perspiration, quick drying and windproof. The fabric of this kind of clothes is comfortable and close to the body. By the way, the back must have a pocket to store maintenance and supply supplies, which is more humanized and convenient.

Riding pants:

Riding pants and riding jacket have similar fabric choices, which are sweat-wicking, quick drying and windproof. Riding pants have a kind of strap type riding pants, which is conducive to the ductility of the waist and back for a long time riding, so it is a good choice for riding friends. In addition, the lining of riding pants should also be paid attention to, and try to choose comfortable ones.

In addition, the price of cycling clothes also varies greatly. Many brands of cycling clothes cost more than 1000 yuan per set, and the cheaper ones cost six or seven hundred yuan. After reading the introduction of netizens on the Internet, I feel that cycling clothes don’t necessarily need the moderate price of the brand. It must be just the beginning of cycling. First, choose a set with appropriate price performance ratio. Later, when you have experience and understand your own needs, you can choose a more suitable one It’s not too late to wear the right riding suit.

About what kind of mountain bike riding clothes are good and how to choose them, I’ll introduce them to you first. After reading the introduction of Weige Xiaobian, I hope it will be helpful to you. Weige Xiaobian is also a novice here. If there are some shortcomings, I hope you can add more.