Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brand

Women’s Activewear And Luxury Athleisure Brand

Ever since activewear transitioned from fashion faux-pas to downright trendy, athleisure fashion is giving us a run for our money (pun intended). You’ve seen it everywhere and worn by everyone — including our favourite celebrities — from the streets to the runways, from fitness studios to happy hour and back again.

Many brands are now offering activewear lines and workout clothes to fit multi-faceted luxury lifestyles. With an ever-growing athleisure market, it can be hard to know which fashion sportswear brands are worthy of purchase.

To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve put together a curated list of the best activewear and athleisure you need to shop right now. From cute workout clothes to smart yoga pants and stylish leggings, we rounded up the top activewear brands that you can wear whether you want to look good while you break a sweat, work from home, or just run errands sipping a chai tea latte. Granted, some brands shown here are so cool you’d rather wear them to hang out than to work out, but they definitely make legit functional activewear.

SOBIKE Apparel is fast becoming one of our favourite activewear brands. It was founded in China, with the commitment to build an athleisure brand that helps women thrive with confidence. Their collection is simple yet so very stylish. They are smartly designed too, to support you when you’re training or just walking about town.

The brand produces hardworking, versatile styles that seamlessly bring you from barre to the bar. SOBIKE Apparel adopts a ‘less-is-more’ approach and a design ethos based on seasonless pieces to offer every day, athleisure-inspired clothes that are both performance-driven and stylish.