The Best Cycling Shorts for Guys

The Best Cycling Shorts for Guys

These shorts will keep you comfortable on the bike, no matter how long you ride.

Unless you’re just planning to pedal around the corner for a quick jaunt, any self-respecting cyclist needs to make sure they have the right gear for their ride.

That doesn’t just mean that your tires have air, your shoes are clipped, and your helmet is strapped on tight. You should be wearing the right clothes, too. You don’t want to just saddle up in a pair of gym shorts or even standard compression leggings—if you’re planning to log some real mileage, you’re going to need a good pair of cycling shorts or a cycling bib. You’re not a kid anymore, and your old jeans will most definitely not make the cut.

For newbies out there, the difference between cycling shorts and bibs and other leg wear is the chamois, according to Bicycling. The dense padding, typically made from synthetic materials, allows you to spend more time on the seat without pain or chafing, helping to stave off irritating saddle sores from the miles spent pedaling. There are other factors that make these shorts superior to non-bike specific clothing, too, of course—but it starts at the seat.

Check out these 12 pairs of bike shorts and bibs before your next ride.

If you ride in the morning or evening, the reflective leg bands of these high-visibility shorts will make you stand out on the road. The 8-panel shorts use a 3D constructed standard chamois to keep your butt comfortable, with silicon leg grippers to keep the fit snug without being too restrictive.