How to choose cycling jerseys?

How to choose cycling jerseys?

Advances in technical fabrics in recent years mean the difference in on-bike performance between the best cycling jerseys and normal clothes can be substantial, particularly if you’re concerned about going fast or riding in hot weather.

Of course, many roadies care about how they look on the bike too, so getting a cool cycling jersey can also be paramount.

While we certainly wouldn’t claim to be the arbiters of ‘cool’, we think all of these cycling jerseys fit the bill.

It’s worth remembering these jerseys are designed for riding in warm, dry weather, so don’t forget to check the weather forecast before rides. And, if you’re heading out for a long time, packing an extra layer to put on if the weather changes is always sensible.

Things to consider when shopping for cycling jerseys


Summer jerseys use lightweight and highly breathable fabrics or mesh panels to keep you cool. The cut is usually fitted to help with sweat wicking performance and aerodynamics. Excess fabric is kept to a minimum to prevent flapping in the wind, which can cause increased drag.


A well-fitting jersey with sensibly positioned seams and useful zip location is essential. A comfy collar and zip garages help to avoid irritation, while silicone-lined hems hold a jersey in place.


Stash space is important for storing your ride essentials such as a spare tube, pump, wind/waterproof jacket, nutrition and phone. Easy access is vital, while zip pockets are ideal for keeping valuables safe.