Running Shorts for Women of 2021

Running Shorts for Women of 2021

When buying running shorts, here are features you should look out for:

Moisture wicking fabrics: Fabrics such as polyester and nylon will wick sweat away, keeping you dry while exercising. Avoid cotton as it’ll hold onto sweat, which can feel uncomfortable and weigh you down.

Liner: Many running shorts feature a liner of some type, whether it covers your thighs or has built in underwear. If there’s no underwear liner, make sure to wear proper running underwear to prevent wedgies, dampness, and chafing.

Pockets: If you’re running outside on a road, track, or trail, you’ll want to be able to stash your valuables such as credit cards, ID, phone, and keys while running. Many running shorts have hidden pockets on the hip or waistband and zippered pockets ensure larger belongings are secure.

They’re made with 100% polyester that wicks sweat away and dries quickly. There’s mesh detailing on the side for increased breathability and a stylish touch. Reviewers love that they’re available in an impressive 5 shades. We love that these shorts have open side pockets and a hidden back waistband pocket too. 

If you love the benefits of compression leggings, try a shorts version. These compression tights from SKINS end above the knee and have mesh panels on the side for increased airflow, perfect for summer wear. Made of nylon and elastane, these shorts have gradient compression to target specific areas. Reviewers recommend looking at the size chart closely and going up a size if you have larger thighs. 

These running shorts from Athleta are stylish enough you could wear them from the track to brunch.  Made with recycled polyester from post consumer water bottles, the fabric is moisture wicking and more sustainable than virgin polyester. The lightweight silky fabric also has targeted zones of mesh ventilation. There’s a zip pocket on the side and a hidden back waistband pocket too.