Best Men’s Tank Tops for a Stylish, Sleeveless Summer

Best Men’s Tank Tops for a Stylish, Sleeveless Summer

Men’s tank tops (aka vests) are not without their hang-ups. The bad rap dates back to the 1920s, when the sleeveless undershirt was commonly worn by abusive men in silent movies. In more recent times, their adoption by Beefa-bound party boys has not done them any huge favours in the fashion stakes either.

But as with many things in 2020, everything you once knew about tank tops for men has been turned on its head. Plainer undergarments once considered slobbish have been reimagined in more premium materials and flattering cuts – now the stylish man’s summer T-shirt of choice when tucked into a chic pair of wide-legged trousers. And as for those more offensive palm tree-embellished, slogan-printed men’s tank tops that once made up half the suitcase contents of a summer stag do, they’re very much on their way out, as designers such as Versace, Acne Studios and Saint Laurent give precedence to much more refined interpretations.

Of course, there are other pros to men incorporating more tank tops into their summer wardrobes. A good cut will show off any hard-earned results from home biceps workouts, for one, and all while staving off the threat of underarm sweat patches. To be sure that you’re not falling into those negative associations of old, we’ve rolled up our figurative sleeves to bring you the very best to invest in.


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