Autumn/Winter 2021 Activewear Trends

Autumn/Winter 2021 Activewear Trends

After months of working out at home or in the park, we finally have the option to go back to our favourite gyms… so we better go back in style!

Despite all the hard times we’ve been through, this autumn’s fashion week pleasantly surprised us with awesome active styles that will help us get back on track with our fitness goals.

Minimalism and sustainability go hand in hand this season.

Autumn sees a shift away from trend-heavy pieces, with a movement towards styles that are designed for longevity, practicality and comfort, with minimal detailing and clean aesthetics.

In line with the return to minimalism, it’s time to focus on naturally-derived leafy tones like soft green, warm brown and harmonious grey.

This trend inspires us to make wise, sustainable choices, invest in quality over quantity and support brands on a mission to minimise the negative impact on the environment.

Another staple piece in line with the minimal trend direction is the beloved hoodie. 

For the new season, the hoodie will be redefined by oversized and elongated silhouettes, with elements of zip detailing as seen in the autumn 20/21 collections. 

This autumn’s colour palette is inspired by warm hues, such as olive green, burnt toffee, slate grey and saffron yellow.

Thanks to functional, comfy and stylish Barre-to-Bar crop tops, you will be ready for any occasion in your life! And let’s be real, in the current climate versatility is key.


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