Winter Active Jacket

Winter Active Jacket

You know what’s in fashion this season? Looking cool while staying warm. Nothing ruins your look quite like blue fingers and chilblains so, if there’s one item of clothing you don’t want to scrimp on during the colder months, it’s a good quality winter coat.

There are thousands of men’s winter coats out there, from the stylish winter jackets to those designed to fight the extreme cold. Sure, you probably won’t wear the same jacket for evening drinks as you would when scaling a mountain, but a good quality winter coat will ensure you look suave no matter where you’re going.

From stylish trench coats to vintage-inspired shearling jackets, parkas and puffers, here’s your guide to winter coats for men.

Active Jacket: Best value winter coat for men

Active Jacket ticks every box when it comes to finding a suitable winter coat that won’t drown you. Warm enough to wear as a standalone coat but roomy enough for a jumper underneath and a scarf on top for those truly freezing cold days, it’s an easy choice.