Yoga Pants for Home Workouts and Outdoor Exercise

Yoga Pants for Home Workouts and Outdoor Exercise

Don’t let your fitness goals or wellness resolutions go out the window while gyms are still closed for the most part and we’re still squeezing in workouts in the nooks of our houses and crannies of our apartments. After all, most studios and gyms are offering livestreams or online sessions, and there’s even the option to bring a spinning bike to your very own living room (for a price!). It’s a great time to try out a new class or workout without even having to leave your house. Plus, a little physical activity can help tremendously with stress during these times.

These high-waist, ankle-length leggings in simple black are taking me from couch to the yoga mat on my kitchen floor to my daily dog walks.

These are the most beloved yoga pants due to their supreme softness and flattering fits. Some are said to be so flattering, in fact, they’ll make you feel fit before even stepping foot onto the mat. There are plenty of essential all-black pairs to choose from, from Spanx’s ultra-tight pair to a sleek-and-smooth style from sobike.


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