Christmas Gym Gifts to Get You Feeling Festive

Christmas Gym Gifts to Get You Feeling Festive

Looking for Christmas gym wear? Like it or not, the festive season’s fast approaching and yep, Christmas gym leggings are now part of the fun. Especially this year, when we’ve all eschewed jeans in favour of jogging bottoms all day, every day, there’s no better way to amp up the feel good factor than a festive pair of gymsports leggings.

They range from a touch of subtle sparkle to a slightly less subtle all-out Santa look, but whatever your vibe, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas gym leggings to get you feeling merry in. There’s snow better way to add some festive fun to your workout. 

The beauty of Christmas gifts for runners is that the gifts really aren’t ‘just for Christmas’. They’re for every long, short, training run and trail run. They can be put to the test each and every time their owners brave the great outdoors or brave indoors (hello, tread warriors!) racking those miles up.

But knowing what to pick, especially if you happen to be cardio-phobic of the highest degree – can be difficult. Which trainers are better for track and trail? What’s the best running back pack to buy? And, is a sports-bra cum-water-bladder an appropriate gift? (Answer: always).


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