Winter Cycling Survival Guide

Winter Cycling Survival Guide

Winter cycling survival guide: some helpful tips to keep you riding

From:cycling weekly

Cycling through winter can seen like a daunting idea, even for those who have ridden in the colder months many times before.

1. Clothes

The most obvious and arguably important factor in winter weather riding is, of course, clothing. The right windproof, thermal and waterproof gear can keep you dry and warm on rides so that you barely notice how cold it is.

2. Gloves

Good quality winter/windproof gloves and overshoes will keep your extremities warm – these are the most susceptible areas to getting cold first.

3. Glasses

Clear or lightly tinted glasses are a good idea to keep spray and grit out of your eyes.

Winter clothing essentials: waterproof jacket, thermal bib tights, thermal/wicking undervest, windproof gilet/jersey, overshoes, windproof/thermal gloves, clear glasses
Winter clothing optional: thermal socks, under-helmet cap/headband, scarf, winter-specific shoes/boots

4. Drink

Keep drinking regularly too. It may not be obvious that you are sweating under all that clothing, but fluid loss happens when cycling at any temperature.

If the temperature is really cold, then mix your drink with hot or warm water to stave off the chilling effect, at least for a while.

5. Light

We’re seeing more and more riders using lights all year round in daylight as a way of highlighting their presence to other road users. In winter, this is arguably more important as it can get very gloomy on overcast winter days when the sun is at its weakest.