Heading out for a run can be a great way to stay fit. However, finding the right outfit to wear throughout the year can be a little bit of a challenge. From a jog in January to a sprint in September, there is perfect athletic wear for the occasion. If you’re not sure what to rock while out for a cardio session, you have come to the right place.

Running in the Snow

Don’t let the snow stop you from keeping active. When the temperature drops, opt for a padded jacket or vest, worn with a compression and heat-trapping top underneath. Fleece-lined leggings work well in freezing temperatures. Make sure you’re wearing a pair of runners that have a good grip. Avoid cold fingers by wearing gloves, and protect your ears by rocking a beanie.

Running in the Rain

Even when it’s raining outside, you can get active and start your day feeling right. Depending on the temperature, wear 3/4 or full-length compression tights, with non-slip runners. To avoid soaking right through, opt for a light waterproof running jacket with a hood. Be sure that you keep your hair up in a ponytail, so you can avoid having cold and wet strands of hair sitting on your neck.

Running at Night

Running at night may seem daunting, but it’s a great way to get yourself outdoors and keep active. If you’re a fan of dark shades, wear brightly coloured shoes that glow in the dark, even if they just have an illuminated logo. Many pieces of athletic wear have reflective fabrics, so it’s essential to utilise them when you’re outside. Always be sure that you keep safe when you’re jogging late at night, make yourself bright so everyone can see you!